XXVI World Road Congress in Abu Dhabi (6-10 October 2019)

At the beginning of October, the XXVI World Road Congress will be held in Abu Dhabi on the theme "Connecting cultures - Enabling economies".

During the Congress, the results of the works carried out by the 22 PIARC’s International Technical Committees will be presented and numerous technical sessions and workshops will be held on the main topics concerning the roads of the future. Transport and Public Works Ministers, public administrations and motorway operators, experts in each topic concerning roads, services and equipment suppliers, consultants and specialized engineering companies from all over the world will be there.

As always, Road Tunnels will be a theme on which the leading experts will discuss. Safety, tunnels sustainability, energy saving and Smart Tunnel, will be the main themes. Land planning, future transport networks and autonomous-driving vehicles will be the most challenging arguments.

IM MAGGIA ENGINEERING SA will participate at the event with Ing. Salvatore Giua, IM Maggia International Business Manager and Chairman of the Italian Technical Committee "Road tunnels operation". At the Congress he will present the new edition of the "Road Tunnels Manual" and he will speak during a workshop on the theme "Tunnel safety: using ITS as an integrated approach for risks reduction in road tunnel”.