Furka Tunnel Update Project

After approximately 35 years of operation, the main objectives are as follows:

  • Refurbishment of the tunnel structure (collecting and draining of the mountain water, including local reprofiling to ensure the necessary clearance profile, renewal of the entire tunnel drainage system)
  • Renovation of the railway infrastructure (conversion of the superstructure from ballast bed to a fixed track system with lower tunnel floor, replacement of the entire cabling in the shoulder strips, replacement of the power catenary by an overhead conductor rail)
  • Implementation of measures for safety upgrade (installation for self-rescue and tunnel ventilation equipment).

The majority of the works will be carried out at night during the scheduled gap of railway services, whereas the railway operation must be guaranteed during day time. Only for installing the fixed track two complete shutdown intervalls will be needed. 


Matterhorn Gotthard Railway, Brig

Construction costs

CHF 190 million (price base 2013)

Scope of services

Overall project and construction management for the civil and electrical works in the implementation phase of subproject SP2 of the Furka Tunnel Update Project.