CL4 Rehabilitation of Collector Box and its Main Drainage System Lots 1 and 2

The project consists of 2 lots to rehabilitate the collector box and its main drainage system on the left side of the collector box in Ciurel-Unirii sector and in Unirii-Vitan sector, respectively.

IM Engineering will support the preparation of design for rehabilitation works for each lot including documents (reports, drawings, BoQ etc.) necessary to obtain the required authorisations, licences and approvals for construction in accordance with national legislation.

Main Data

Lot 1
Rehabilitation of the drain on the left of the collector box in Ciurel–Unirii sector: L= 5.6 km, rehabilitation of 9 main collector con-nections, reconfiguring of 12 accesses to the collector, rehabilitation/construction of 2 pumping stations for drainage water

Lot 2
Rehabilitation of collector box in Unirii-Vitan sector: L=approx. 4.7 km, rehabilitation of the drain on the left side of the collector, 9 main collector connections, reconfiguring of 11 accesses, rehabilitation/construction of 1 pumping station for drainage water


Aquaproiekt SA


IM Engineering Belgium

Construction period


Construction costs

EUR 50,000

Scope of services

  • Advice and technical consultancy on spe-cific technical design-related aspects
  • Discussion and recommendations on conceptual design solutions
  • Review of critical parts of the design and drawings