Rehabilitation of Hirschmatt – Eastern Quarter, Utility Line Replacement and Surface Finishing

The utility lines in Hirschmatt district had to be urgently replaced in affected streets to guarantee continued security of supply and disposal in the future.  Following completion of the excavation and construction work the road surfaces were also redesigned and traffic improvements were made. During rehabilitation works it was possible to take a number of aspects into consideration and thereby achieve cost savings. These considerations included: house connections, urban upgrading, improvements for pedestrians and bicycle traffic, concerns of disabled persons and planting of additional trees. To enable construction works to be executed efficiently within the short period of time, the construction areas were largely closed to traffic. Access to routes and entrances to properties were maintained with restrictions. Construction works were implemented and completed within 10 months as per contract.

Main Data

  • Wastewater pipelines, ID 150 to 600: 850 m
  • Gas/Water pipes, ID 32 to 150: 400 m
  • Utility lines (EW): 2,600 m
  • Kerbs, Granite RN 25: 1,600 m
  • Bituminous surfaces, Road/Pavment: 3,600 t
  • Planting/tree grates, Trees: 18 pcs.


Engineering Office, Lucerne; ewl (Energy and Water Utility of Lucerne)


IUB Engineering Ltd. in consortium

Construction period

2015 / Resurfacing: 2017

Construction costs

Approx. CHF 6 million

Scope of services

  • Construction project and design approval stage
  • Implementation project
  • Tendering
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Commissioning / Completion