Maintenance Plan Rubigen - Thun - Spiez (RUTS)

The National Road Maintenance Plan foresees the reconstruction of the motorway section N06 Rubingen – Thun North – Spiez resp. Wimmis. The N06 between Rubigen and Spiez was constructed in the early 1970s. Many of the installations are already technically outdated and have to replaced. As part of the RUTS Maintenance Project a general overhaul will take place so that the complete road facilities including operation and safety systems meet current standard requirements. The measures will ensure the suitability of use of the systems for a further operational period of 15-20 years.

Main Data

The implementation plan will be subdivided  as follows:

  • North section, N06, Subproject 1 & 2, 12.0 km to 21.6 km, open stretch, Rubigen access road, Münsingen resting area
  • Central section, N06, Subproject 3 & 11, 21.6 km to 31.0 km, open stretch, Kiesen acces road, Thun North and Thun South, Allmend Tunnel (2-direction separate tunnel tubes)
  • South Section, N06, Subprojects 12 &13, 31.0 km to 41.8 km, open stretch, Buchholz resting area, Lattigen junction, Simmenfluh-Tunnel, Simmenfluh safety tunnels N08, Subprojects 13. 0 km to  1.2 km, open stretch


ASTRA, Thun Branch


IUB Engineering Ltd. / IM Maggia Engineering Ltd.

Construction period


Scope of services

  • Project management, project planning, tendering, construction management
  • Phases 31 to 53
  • Implementation while open to traffic
  • The following systems were included:
    • Energy supply (LV and MV)
    • Emergency power supply
    • Lighting
    • Ventilation and ventilation control
    • Signalling
    • Monitoring systems
    • Communications & control
    • Cable systems
    • Auxilliary systems (central unts, oil retention basin, pumps, road runoff treatment)
  • The current ASTRA guidelines and standards were applied