Limmern Power Plant

The new Limmern power plant is a pump storage power plant with low natural inflow from the very small catchment area of Lake Mutt. Lake Mutt, which is dammed, serves as the upper basin, with the existing Limmernboden reservoir functioning as the lower basin. The power plant planned by IUB Engineering Ltd in the IG Alpenstrom engineering consortium covers the following sub-areas:

  • Intake/outlet structure Lake Mutt
  • Headrace pressure tunnel with a passive pretentioned in-situ concrete lining, ∅i = 8.00 m
  • Shaft surge tank, height 130 m and internal diameter 10.50 m
  • Valve chamber, chamber height 20 m, length 66 m
  • Two armoured pressure shafts, ∅i = 4.20 m
  • Machinery centre with four pump turbines, chamber height 53 m, length 156.5 m
  • Transformer chamber with four transformers, chamber height 24 m, length 138.5 m
  • Two high-pressure tailrace tunnels with a passively pretensioned in-situ concrete lining, ∅i = 5.50 m
  • Several access tunnels and construction chambers
  • Materials management and preparation

Main Data

  • Installed capacity: 4 x 225 MW
  • Design discharge: 190 m3/s
  • Gross head: 560–724 m


Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG (KLL), Linthal, c/o Axpo AG, Baden (previously NOK


IUB Engineering Ltd an IM Maggia Engineering Ltd as an engineering consortium

Construction period


Construction costs

approx. 1.8 billion CHF

Scope of services

  • Construction project
  • Tendering
  • Main project