Flood Protection Gürbe – Belpmoos and Lehnen Canal

Comprehensive measures were implemented to improve flood protection in the Gürbe-Belpmoos area as part of a flood risk management plan: widening and renaturation of the River Gürbe and the Lehnen Canal, raising dam levels, bridge structures, expansion of existing outlets, various adjustments of utility lines and infrastructure, construction of a provisional meadow drainage pumping system.

This is a complex flood protection project caught between flood protection, floodplain protection and various usages. Complex processes and construction works in groundwater protection zones.The flood protection and restoration measures in Grübe-Belpmoos constituted part of the project “Flood Protection and Floodplain Revitalisation River Aare/Mouth of the River Gürbe”.

Main Data

  • Length of R. Gürbe: 2.8 km (Project section)
  • Length of  Lehnen Canal: 1.1 km
  • Landscaping area    approx. 68,000 m3
  • Dam fill material    approx. 95,000 m3
  • Excavation and removal    approx. 50,000 m3


Civil Engineering Office of Bern Canton, OIK II


IUB Engineering Ltd. in consortium

Construction period


Construction costs

CHF 7 million

Scope of services

  • Application design for construction
  • Tendering
  • Implementation, incl. construction management and supervision