Pump Storage Power Plant Limmern (1000 MW), Linthal, Project Linthal 2015 / Switzerland

The new Limmern Pump Storage Power Plant (1‘000 MW) is a complete undergound new Powerplant, which is integrated in the existing Powerplants of Linth-Limmern. The plant is using the enlarged Lake Mutt (2‘474 m) as upper reservoir and the existing Lake of Limmernboden arch dam (1‘854 m) as lower reservoir. The Consultant group „IG Alpenstrom“ under the lead of IM Maggia Engineering has designed the whole powerplant with the following structures:

  • Lake Mutt Water Intake stucture
  • Headrace pressure tunnel with prestressed concrete lining, Øi = 8 m, conv.excavation with blasting method
  • Surge tank with a height of 130 m und 10.5 m inner diameter
  • Valve chamber, height 20m, lenth 66 m
  • 2 steel lined pressure shafts, Øi = 4.2 m, TBM Excavation Ø = 5.2 m, J = 85%
  • Power cavern with 4 pump turbines, height 54 m, lenght 150 m, width 31 m
  • Transformer cavern with 4 transformer units, height  25 m, lenght 120 m, width 20 m
  • 2 Tailrace pressure tunnels with prestressed concrete lining, Øi = 5.5 m
  • Several access tunnels and caverns
  • Preparation of concrete aggregates using excavated rock
  • Construction access to powerhouse with cable ropeways (25 t) and access tunnel (25%)

Main Data

  • Installed capacity: 4 x 250 MW
  • Design discharge: 190 m3/s
  • Gros head: 560 - 724 m



Linth-Limmern Power Utilities Ltd., c/o Axpo Power Ltd., Baden / Switzerland


IM Maggia Engineering Ltd., Locarno as lead member of a Consultant group

Construction period

Final Design: 2007–2009; Application Design: 2009–2017

Construction costs

CHF 2'100 Mio.

Scope of services

Final Design, Project approval Design, Call for Tenders, Application Design, General Site Supervision