Rehabilitation of the Upper Part of a Vehicle Storage Facility in Gattikerstrasse, Zurich

The roof of the garage in Gattikerstrasse, Zurich, which was built in 1965, is leaking in a number of places on the lower surface. The waterflow has led to corrosion of the existing reinforcement and the concrete has chipped in places.  The aim of the immediate measures is to repair the sealing on the upper side to stop the advance of damage on the concrete ceiling. The entire upper surface of the ceiling was uncovered. The poured asphalt, the existing sealing and the outer concrete layer were demolished. A new outer concrete layer was then poured with a slant. Two new shafts were constructed for the drainage of the car park and troughs. The area around the existing plant boxes was given a waterproof layer and the parking space area  was given two layers of poured asphalt.

Main Data

  • Concrete demolition: 100 t
  • Poured asphalt: 285 m2
  • Excavation: 200 m3


SAW Stiftung Alterswohnungen Of the Municipality of Zurich


IUB Engineering Ltd.

Construction period


Construction costs

Costs for formwork: CHF 0.2 million

Scope of services

  • Construction project
  • Tendering
  • Execution project
  • Construction supervision