Feasibility Study for Torzilla Hydropower Plant, Georgia

The client intends to construct a 1.69 MW non-regulated run-of-river power plant on the River Torzillatskali with Tyrolean-type water intake, settling basin, diversion pipeline, penstock and powerhouse. The power produced willl be fed to an existing substation which supplies electricity to the railway system and local residents in Tsipa village.

The project consists of 2 stages. The first stage comprises a technical and economic feasibility study which will propose two alternative schemes. Jointly with the client the most efficient and economic option will be selected.

The 2nd stage involves topographic and seismic studies for the preferred option as well as an EIA and detailed design of the entire civil and electrical parts of the weir, diversion pipeline, penstock and power house.

A cost estimate and time schedule will also be prepared.

Main Data

  • Capacity: 1.69 MW
  • Estimated annual production: 6.88 GWh


Georgian Energy Development Fund


IM Engineering Eurasia

Construction period

02/2018 – 08/2018

Construction costs

Total contract value: USD 5'635

Scope of services

  • Hydrological, geological, seismic and meteorological studies
  • EIA
  • Sediment investigations
  • Design
  • Project management
  • Liaison with the client
  • Preparation of cost estimate documentation
  • Issue of documents