New HEPP Borgnone, artificial lake of Palagnedra, Centovalli

New hydroelectric minicentral with Kaplan turbine of approx. 3.2 MW located at the exit of the Cavergno-Palagnedra supply tunnel. Flow rates between 5 and 30 m3/s and fall between 6-16 m.

Main Data

Main features of the project:

  • External excavation in rock and loose ground up to 20 m in height with gradual lowering of the lake (total excavation volume 8'500 m3).
  • Excavation of new tunnels (access and supply) and caves
  • Enlargement of existing tunnels
  • Costruction in concrete (ca. 3600 m3) h gradual raising of the lake


OFIMA - Officine Idroelettriche della Maggia SA, Locarno / Svizzera


IM Maggia Engineering Ltd

Construction period


Construction costs

17.0 Mio. CHF

Scope of services

For civil engineering, electromechanics and hydromechanics of the following SIA phases, general planner's mandate:

  • 21 feasibility study
  • 32 preliminary design
  • 33 call for tenders
  • 41 call for tender
  • 51 construction design
  • 52 construction and supervision
  • 53 commissioning