Peshqeshit Hydropower Project (28 MW) on Fani i Madh River in Albania

New construction of an HEPP on the Fani i Madh river with the utilization of the water inflow of the Fani i Vogel River, flowing in a parallel valley located north-east of the city of Tirana in Albania. Construction of two weirs each equipped with a settling basin, power intake and fish ladder, as well as connection galleries, surge tank, penstock, powerhouse, GIS-structure with switchyard on top and transmission line.

Main Data

Water intakes Fani i Vogel Fani i Madh

  • Tunnels:
    • 5,200 m Ø 4.4 m
    • 4,200 m Ø 3.6 m
    • 2,100 m Ø 4.4 m
  • Surge tank: Ø10 m H= 58 m
  • Valve chamber: 9.5x9.5x14.9 m
  • Penstock: 60 m Ø3.2 m

Power house Peshqeshit
Vertical Francis turbines

  • Capacity: 2x 14.2 MW
  • Hyraulic head: 90-82.77 m
  • Nominal flow: 2x 18.5 m3/s
  • Speed: 428 min-1
  • Generators: 2x 20 MVA


  • 2 butterfly valves: DN 2300 PN12
  • 1 safety butterfly valve:DN 3200 PN10
  • 1 transformer: 40 MVA
  • 1 GIS-switchyard


Ayen Enerji AS Tirana Albania


IM Maggia Engineering Ltd, Locarno; ENSU Ankara

Construction period


Construction costs

€ 60 million

Scope of services

Feasibility study, construction design, tender documents, realization and project supervision, workshop tests, general site supervision, commissioning.