NEAT Lötschberg-Base Tunnel

The Lötschberg base tunnel is part of the Alp Transit infrastructure leading from Frutigen to the Raron region.

Main Data

  • Tunnel type: Rail tunnel for high speed trains with cross headings and underground control rooms
  • Length: 34.6 km
  • Geology: Sediments of the helvetic slabs, grate, gneiss und slate of the Aare massif
  • Excavation cross sections    Blasting technique with preliminary reconnaissance for gas or water, sealant injections. Simultaneous tunnel drilling and interior furbishing. Material transport, essentially by conveyor belt
  • Expected train speed in the tunnel: 230 km/h



BLS AlpTransit Ltd.


IUB Engineering Ltd as an engineering consortium

Construction period


Construction costs

Lötschberg, Lot North: ca. 1'850 mio CHF / Total Cost: 4'100 mio CHF

Scope of services

  • Preliminary studies, approval design, final design
  • Tender documents
  • Execution drawings
  • Works supervision
  • Various local supervision activities
  • Construction documentation

IUB Engineering Ltd., Berne is a leading partner in the engineering joint venture. In addition IUB manages the planning of the rail equipment.