A9 St. Maurice - Brigue-Glis Staldbach Bridge

Both separate Staldbach bridges span the prairie Talgrund, the Vispa river, the valley road H 212 as well as the tracks of the Matterhorn-Gotthard train. The bridges are placed on floating bearings. They were mounted with an exclusively for this purpose realized heading contraption positioned on the sides.

Bridge sections are constituted of longitudinally pre stressed empty cases filled with reinforced concrete.

Main Data

  • Span Northern bridge: 39 - 46 - 45 - 49 - 34 m, total 213 m
  • Span Southern bridge: 39 - 49 - 47 - 44 - 34 m, total 213 m
  • Width overall: 12.55 m



epartment for Transportation, Construction and Environment, Section for National highways, Oberwallis


IUB Engineering LTD in Joint Venture

Construction period


Construction costs

ca. 15 mio. CHF

Scope of services

Detailed and execution designs of 2 parallel highway bridges including foundations