A1 and A6, Bern City Expressway, Subproject C4 - Structure S1/S2, Partial New Construction of Worblaufenstrasse Bridge

The ASTRA Maintenance Plan foresees an additional access and exit at Wankdorf Junction on the A6. This in turn requires a physical connection and widening of the two lanes of the A6 at the point where the two motorway bridges S1 and S2 run parallel.

A detailed variant study determined that the best permanent solution would be a replacement of the two separate bridge decks with a single joint bridge deck.

To keep traffic disruption down to a minimum on the busy A6 the new bridge deck was erected on four temporary structures next to the existing bridge. The old bridge deck was dismantled and the new one was skidded into the right position. Each of the actions was conducted in two phases.

With the exception of just a few days four-lane traffic was maintained on the A6 while the new deck was skidded into place.

Main Data

New bridge deck

  • Length: 90 m
  • Width: 34–36 m
  • Construction: 1,560 m3
  • Skidding speed: 1.5 m/h


Swiss Federal Roads Authority ASTRA, Thun Branch


IUB Engineering Ltd.

Construction period


Construction costs

Approx. CHF 15 million

Scope of services

  • Design and implementation
  • Site supervision