Replacement of Gas, Water and Electricity Systems in Galgenfeld / Burgfeld

The replacement of the water and gas pipelines also included road resurfacing and modernisation of the electricity system in the district and parts of the sewage system was extended. Part of the water pipeline in Zentweg was replaced using the bursting process (trenchless replacement of pipelines). As well as the main pipelines 125 house connections were replaced partly using blow propulsion, partly in cut-and-cover construction.

The new house connection boxes and location of the distribution boxes were clarified with the owners of the properties and the Civil Engineering Authority of the City of Bern. Implementation of works had to be coordinated with various other construction sites within the vicinity.

Main Data

  • Water pipelines DN200/150: ca. 3'000 m
  • Gas pipelines DN200: approx. 1,700m
  • Cable conduits total: approx. 3'200 m, of which > 4 PE 132/120 approx. 1,500m
  • Distribution boxes: 9 pcs.
  • Cable shafts: 8 pcs.
  • Optical fibre shafts: 4 pcs.
  • House connections: approx. 125 pcs.


    ewb, Energie Wasser Bern (Bern energy and water utility)


    IUB Engineering Ltd.

    Construction period

    until 2013

    Construction costs

    Approx. CHF 5.4 million (cost estimate, excl. pipeline/cable works)

    Scope of services

    • Construction project
    • Tendering and evaluation of bids
    • Project execution incl. design of electrical cabling
    • Construction supervision