Transport Infrastructure

Tunnels, bridges, roads and railways

Our company is active in civil and structural engineering and specialised foundation projects. We concentrate particularly on concrete construction, road and rail construction as well as bridge building. We design new facilities, undertake structural investigations of existing infrastructure, process redevelopment and renovation schemes, supervise construction work and advise clients at all project phases. We advise on life-cycle management, where our specialists create custom-designed solutions for maintenance and for the planning and delivery of rehabilitation projects.

The underground construction department has comprehensive experience in all categories of tunnel, gallery and cavern construction. Due to the diversity of geological formations in Switzerland we have experience in applying different construction methods and techniques depending on conditions, from unstable slopes and in groundwater to squeezing rock. Where necessary we undertake complex rock mechanics computations with three-dimensional finite element modelling and non-linear material laws, to optimise excavation and support. We also develop cost-effective and time-saving solutions for logistics and construction.

Our broad range of services in this sector include consultancy for traffic management, surveillance and remote management systems for road and rail systems, telecommunications systems, tunnel safety, fire protection and ventilation, lighting systems, electrical installations, cable systems for low and medium-voltage facilities. We also prepare technical manuals for operating the national motorways.

Our expertise in bridge building, inspection, rehabilitation and maintenance covers design, engineering and consulting for concrete bridges and underpasses for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles.